You can now get customized comics on the puzzle of your choice. They can be used as gifts to honor a friend, as gags and spoofs to roast a friend, or in any other way you can think of. Check out the FAQ below for the basics, but each order is personalized and I’ll try to work with you as best I can to give you exactly what you want.

Will you post the comic on Across and Down?
No, the site is just for NYT published puzzles and all content is done for free. However, I will do commissions on NYT puzzles that aren’t chosen for Across and Down.

Can you make a comic out of any puzzle?
No. Some puzzles are hard to adapt, in that you might want me to make a honorary comic but I can’t find anything positive about the puzzle. Maybe the puzzle’s themeless and I can’t pieces together a coherent storyline. I want to make the comic have a theme and tone that suits the requested purpose and if I have nothing to say about a puzzle that can meet that goal, I’ll tell you as soon as possible.  However, I’ll try my best to find a way to work it out before resorting to saying that I can’t do it.

Are the comics for web or print?
I can email you both a version for posting to web and a version for print. If you want me to print it for you and mail a copy there will be a fee to cover shipping/printing costs.

How much editorial power do I have?
I will try to take as much info from you as possible before writing the script and will let you completely guide me as far as what direction you want to take the comic. After I give you my rough script, you can make comments which I’ll try to make use of.  Then, after I give you the finished comic, you can give feedback for things you want me to alter.  After that first reworking, I will only do minor edits, like wording, spelling, etc.  If it is still extremely important to make a larger edit, then there will be a fee.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is based on several factors, including time frame, how easily adaptable the puzzle is, the number of puzzles I’m given to choose from, amount of research necessary, how much info I’m given to work with, and how limited I am in terms of what kind of angle I have to take.  In general, pricing will start around $400, but each project is very individualized and I’ll give you an estimate before I start the script. All prices are set after the script has been written, before the final comic is completed, however if I’ve put a great amount of work into the script and the project is canceled there will be a fee.(~$100).  If there is a budget limit for a project, it needs to be made known from the start.

How does payment work?
Preferably by check. If that isn’t feasible we can discuss other options. Additionally, if I have not received payment from a previous project than the final version of the next project will not be released.

Still have questions? E-mail me: