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Jan 4‘Tis better to regift…
Jan 15Quip it!
Jan 21Not My Cup of T
Jan 28Girl Power
Feb 4Hide-and-Seek
Feb 11Valentine, You ROCK my World
Feb 12Fifty Shades of Berry
Feb 27Pan’s Labyrinth
Mar 7Sweet as Pi
Mar 11Playing with Fire
Mar 19So Sue Me
Mar 24Jacob’s Ladder
Apr 3A Little White Lie
Apr 8You Bet’cha
Apr 18Splitsville
Apr 21Cutting the Cards
Apr 29Say my Name, Say my Name
May 5Tis the Seasons
May 13Comedy of Errors
May 20Barhopping
May 30Thumbing It
Jun 6Through the Looking Glass
Jun 9Turns of Phrases
Jun 14A Tale of Two Innocents
Jun 24Lead Astray
Jul 1More than Meets the I(NK)
Jul 8Prompt and Circumstance
Jul 12Social Upheaval
Jul 25Hole in One
Jul 29March in July
Aug 3Fuzzy Math
Aug 11Know when to Fold ‘Em
Aug 19A lot of Hot Air
Aug 28Character Assassination
Sep 10Using your Bean
Sep 17A Word to the YYY
Sep 23The Hunger Games
Oct 1Cross(word)breeding
Oct 8Rotten Eggs
Oct 18Gnu Ideas
Oct 20The New York Times Machine (Part I)
Oct 29The Peanut Gallery
Nov 3Crossword Awareness
Nov 11Public Puzzles
Nov 19The Corrections Page
Nov 26Dream of the Keyboard Fiend
Dec 1Thanksgiving Leftovers
Dec 9Gelt by Association
Dec 17Holiday Safety
Dec 24Sweater Weather
Dec 31American Values