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Jan 25January
Feb 2Super Bowl
Feb 7oreos
Feb 14Valentine
Feb 21St. Patrick’s Day
Feb 26Picnic
Mar 4Benny
Mar 12Cheers
Mar 16Prescription
Mar 27Pi Day
Mar 28Stacker
Apr 12The Freshmaker
Apr 20Egg Hunt
Apr 25TGIF
Apr 30Why can’t we just all get along?
May 8Rebus Watching
May 15The eyes have it
May 23Zorro
May 29#Hashtag
Jun 8X-mas in June
Jun 11Flag Day?
Jun 18The Blank Tile
Jun 26Crossworld Peace
Jul 5Drinking Age
Jul 117-Eleven Day
Jul 16threeway
Jul 24Paint Spill
Jul 31Space Case
Aug 10Dog Days
Aug 15A man, a plan, a puzzle
Aug 23Punch-line
Aug 27foul language
Sep 2Easy Button
Sep 11Change of Heart
Sep 18Hearing is Believing
Sep 25Body Bag
Oct 2Oktoberfest
Oct 8Raining Man
Oct 15Berry Picking
Oct 25Meta Challenge
Oct 30Chips Ahoy
Nov 4Everyone’s a critic
Nov 10You didn’t see Nothin’
Nov 20Z Z Top
Nov 27Hello Newman
Dec 4Cat got your Tile?
Dec 13Health Inspection
Dec 20A Black and White Christmas
Dec 24Nuts for Christmas
Dec 31Spectator Sport