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Jan 6You down with OED?
Jan 14Foreign Invaders
Jan 20Dry Wit
Jan 28The Terrible Twos
Feb 4Super Bowl 7.071
Feb 10A Crossword is like a Box of Chocolates
Feb 18What’s the Big I-dea?
Feb 23The Baker’s Election
Mar 1A Puzzle with a Platform
Mar 7Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery
Mar 17St. Patrick’s Day and Priorities
Mar 21Pandemonium at the Marriott
Apr 6Cover Grid
Apr 12Stale Bread
Apr 18Yeast Infection
Apr 26Smear Campaign
May 3Vivian’s Gold
May 11The Writing’s on the Wall
May 19A Man Bun in the Oven
May 25Subliminal Advertising
Jun 1Suspicious Characters
Jun 8Primary Colors (or lack thereof)
Jun 13Slam Dunc
Jun 23Koolyk and the Gang
Jun 28British Independence
Jul 4Self-Expression
Jul 12Puzzlé-Mon GO
Jul 18Irrelevant Nonesense
Jul 26Love Thy Puzzle, Love Thyself
Aug 3Olympic Anthems
Aug 9I smell a Crossword Tournament
Aug 18Split Happens
Aug 23The Scoop